• Based on Seven Incredible True Stories
    Christmas Stories



We plan to shoot “CHRISTMAS STORIES” – the high-profile movie that tells ten incredible true stories that lead to the true meaning of Christmas. We will also have a well-known cast matched with the award-winning producer/ director of ‘David and Goliath’ and "Freedom'. The film will hit theaters worldwide on November 16, 2019.

We are seeking to raise $19.5 million to produce the groundbreaking film. Our goal is to take the film out of 3,000 theaters worldwide in November 2019.

If there was ever a time to catch ‘lightning in a bottle’, it’s now. This is definitely the season for faith-movies without any doubt. ‘God’s Not Dead’, a small independent film,grossed over $60 million at the box office in April 2014 while ‘Son of God’, ‘Heaven is For Real’ and “War Room”, grossed over $65-$100 million respectively in 2014 and 2015. And "I Can Only Imagine" has hit $90 million at the box office.

We believe “CHRISTMAS STORIES” will be an instant classic and will finally be a movie that will show the true meaning of Christmas which is Salvation to the world through Christ. We also believe “CHRISTMAS STORIES” will be enormously successful at the box office.

There will finally be a movie that will show the true meaning of Christmas which is Salvation to the world through Christ. We also believe “CHRISTMAS STORIES” will be enormously successful at the box office.

"Congratulations Tim! It encourages me to know there are Christians with such high-standards of quality in the vineyard"

Philip Yancey, Best-Selling Author

The Director has been supported by leading Christian pastors and organizations including: Kay Arthur, Campus Crusade for Christ, Hillsong, Greg Laurie, Dove Foundation, K-LOVE, Family Christian, Lifeway, TBN, Daystar, Lion and Lamb Ministries, David Reagan, Calvary Chapel, Lakewood Church, Willow Cross, Alive Music Fest, C3 Ministries, Phil Pringle, Salem Media, et al. His work has also been seen on CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, and more than 30 networks and media outlets.



The true and amazing story of a hard-bitten doctor who finds a mysterious child on his doorstep on Christmas Eve.

Set in 1908 on a snowy Christmas Eve in Chicago, a young girl appears on the front door of an atheist doctor to tell him her mother is very sick.

The doctor follows her back to her mother’s apartment where he finds the mother in dire need of help. After much effort to resuscitate the woman, she recovers. He then tells the mother of the courage of the young daughter. The mother stares at him and says, “What daughter? My daughter died last year”.

The atheist goes home a changed man on Christmas Eve.


The true story of a woman hired by infamous cocaine dealer, Pablo Escobar, to kill her husband, finds Christ at a small church. She tells Escobar she’s a changed woman at the threat of death.

On Christmas Eve, a woman is hired by Pablo Escobar to kill her husband who is a commander in the Colombian army. She accepts the $1 million cash in a suitcase and a Glock handgun.

As she heads home, she hears the sound of Christmas carols in a small local church. Inside, she hears a pastor tell the congregation that someone there is planning to kill her husband and only God can save that person. She goes to the front of the church and accepts Jesus Christ.

The next day, on Christmas day, she returns to Pablo Escobar and tells him that she will not go through with it. In an incredible moment of sheer bravery, she walks out on him. He orders the men to shoot her, but none will.

He lets her go. She then leaves finding a new life on Christmas Day.

Proposed Cast:
Andy Garcia - Benicio Del Toro - Danny Trejo - Luis Guzman - Jimmy Smits - John Leguizamo
Teri Polo - Elisabeth Shue - Katy Perry - Diane Lane - Meg Ryan


The incredible true story of how ‘O HOLY NIGHT’ was almost destroyed and forgotten.

In 1847, a group of church men ask Placide Capeau to write a special song for their Christmas Eve service. He at first refuses, but then joins forces with Adolfe Adams to write ‘O Holy Night’. The crowd is stunned by the beauty of the song

However, through twists of fate, the music is forgotten for 10 years until a music student discovers it. He takes it to America during the pre-Civil War and there delivers it to an abolitionist. The abolitionist in turn has ‘O Holy Night’ played at a Northern church where the song finds re-birth, but again mysteriously dies. Then 20 years later finds a new birth when the song is played over the entire nation from the world’s first radio broadcast as a stunned nation listens to one of the most beautiful and beloved Christmas songs.


A distraught and dejected department-store Santa Claus discovers the true meaning of Christmas when he visits a very sick girl at the hospital.

The true story of a recovering alcoholic who is hired as Santa Claus at a department store visits a dying girl at the hospital. In a change of heart, he takes off the Santa suit and tells the girl about the real reason for Christmas and how Salvation has come to the world.

He then prays for the dying girl as the parents come in.

The angry atheist parents then have the man fired from the department store on Christ-mas day. But a miracle is yet to unfold. God answers prayer and the astonished parents watch the little girl become fully healed.


On Christmas eve in the Serengeti in Africa, a missionary desperately needs a hot water bottle for a just-born infant whose mother died. The prayer of a young child is answered miraculously within an hour.

The true story of a missionary who is desperate to save a baby on Christmas day. Only a miracle can save the baby.

A young orphan child prays for the water bottle and a doll for the baby. The missionary woman’s faith teeters at the brink of despair. But a truck comes in the distance. And a genuine miracle on Christmas day unfolds before her eyes.


The incredible true story of soldiers who stop fighting on Christmas Eve at the frontlines during World War I.

As French and German soldiers fight each other at the front lines during World War One, both commanders express their hatred towards one another. The fighting is fierce, but something happens on Christmas Eve.

One by one the soldiers put down their weapons on Christmas day and celebrate together. The commanders come together and leave never the same again. The story goes down as the most poignant stories of Christmas Day.


The amazing true story of an atheist lawyer who sues to take down the Nativity Scene of a church.

When the atheist lawyer’s sick and unable to pay his bills he turns to his atheist friends to help pay his medical bills. No one comes to his aid until the church finds out and pays his bills. He finds redemption in Christ and brings the star of Bethahem to the Nativity scene that Christmas in an amazing story of love and forgiveness.


Educated at Harvard University, USC Film School, and Boston University School of Law. Tim Chey's work has been seen on E! Entertainment, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, VIBE TV, MTV, Daily Variety, Hollywood Reporter, TNT, USA Networks, the Dove Awards, MovieGuide Awards, People Magazine, and the New York Times.

Chey has produced, written and directed ten feature films, including ‘Freedom’ (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), ‘Suing the Devil’ (Malcolm McDowell, Corbin Bernsen, Tom Sizemore), ‘The Genius Club’ (Stephen Baldwin) and ‘David and Goliath’. Chey's films have reached over 55 million households throughout the world.

“David and Goliath” hit theaters nationwide in June 2019 was the #1 Independent movie in the U.S. during the opening weekend. Chey has seen many of his films make a substantial profit. But more importantly are the changed lives of people who have watched Chey's films. Thousands have been brought closer to Christ.

His faith-based basketball movie, 'Slamma Jamma' (Michael Irvin, Jose Canseco) was released nationwide in theaters with Sony Pictures distributing. The film opened #11 nationwide at the box office which was impressive considering the budget was $1.1 million.

Chey's latest film, 'The Islands' about a Hawaii queen who found Christ and challenged the volcano will hit theaters nationwide in March 2019.

Chey has wanted to do a Christmas movie for over 15 years and is extremely excited that ‘CHRISTMAS’ will hit a home-run for the Lord and at the box office.

Chey is the winner of two 5-Star Dove Awards and was the recipient of the prestigious 'Spirit of the Independent' award for Best Director. He served as chairman of the Student Awards committee at the Director's Guild of America.

He divides his time between Honolulu and Los Angeles. He's happily married with two children.






MARKETING BEGINS – March 27, 2019




Start Principal Photography: December 8, 2018

Shooting Duration: 4 Weeks

Location: Louisiana, Georgia, CT

Budget of Movie: $19.5 million

Minimum Investment Unit: $5 million